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Black Friday 2014: Shopping tips for Cyber Monday

5:36 am Dec. 1, 2014

According to, one in four Cyber Monday shoppers already started shopping on Sunday. A recent survey reports that the shopping will flow as follows:

26 percent shopping on Sunday
38 percent Monday morning
25 percent Monday during lunch
33 percent Monday evening
32 percent during Cyber Week sales

Last year, Cyber Monday had its best year ever pulling in $1.735 billion in sales, an 18 percent increase from 2012, according to ComScore.

Clark Howard: Stream movies for free at the library

8:40 am Nov. 20, 2014

Your local library wants to compete with your Netflix subscription. Here’s how to get free streaming movies and TV shows without paying a penny.

Recently, I had two people upset with me after talking about Kindle Paperwhite, a book-reading device that has a street price of $119. You can borrow books from other Amazon readers when you have the Paperwhite, and they asked why I didn’t mention borrowing e-books for free

Black Friday 2014: Apps to help with holiday shopping

9:22 am Nov. 18, 2014

Depending on whom you talk to, online shopping is expected to increase anywhere from 13 percent (according to IBM) to 20 percent (according to Omlis) during the five-day Black Friday shopping period.

All the experts agree

Mass customization takes a step forward

1:30 pm Nov. 17, 2014

Mass customization for apparel has always been a challenge for aspiring retailers.

Falling somewhere between clothing personalized in simple ways such as monograms and clothing designed and fitted just for you by a tailor, mass customization

JessicaShops: Chic Buds, Bantam & Biddy, Frugaa

9:13 am Nov. 5, 2014

Chic Buds: Charge your phone on the go and store everything you need in the new Clutchette Power. It’s a fashion clutch with a built-in phone charger, available in a variety of colors. The perfect accessory for the tech-savvy girl. Use code Jessica20 and save 20 percent on your order through the end of November. Shop at

Bantam and Biddy: Thanksgiving comes early at the casual, family

What to buy in November

6:21 am Oct. 28, 2014

November is a deal lover’s dream. Many shoppers are busy plotting their approach to nabbing doorbusters on Black Friday, but the reality is, there are great deals all month long.

Though the deals may not reach doorbuster price points, there are some tricks you can use to get a doorbuster-like deal well in advance.

This year, as in previous years, Black Friday has spread across the entire month, said Brent Shelton, FatWallet

Wes Moss: How to fix Georgia’s unemployment rate

5:25 am Oct. 20, 2014

Georgia’s unemployment rate is downright embarrassing right now.

With unemployment at 8.1% (according to August’s BLS data), Georgia has the highest unemployment rate in the nation. While there is a lot of finger-pointing happening right now, most of it politically charged, I think it’s best to focus on how to actually change this situation.

I recently hosted an event for Technology Association of Georgia Education Collaborative (TAG-Ed) focusing on STEM education. As

Free and cheap couples therapy

1:30 pm Oct. 7, 2014

Typically when I write about apps or websites, the ones I feature help you save money or manage your money or make money.

Recently, I’ve been presented with a new trend — apps and websites that

Protect your privacy with better usernames

6:00 am Oct. 7, 2014

Each week, it seems, there is a new announcement of a data breach of some sort. Jimmy John’s and Home Depot are just two of the recent hacks that gave thieves access to personal information. Each time it happens, we try to figure out how to protect ourselves, but the truth is, it doesn’t take a large-scale data breach to get your personal information.

While most of us know we need

Wes Moss: Avoid Atlanta Traffic with Instacart

6:00 am Sep. 22, 2014

One evening last week I got home from work later than usual only to realize I had that I forgotten to pick up milk and dinner for my family. My wife didn’t love the idea of me turning right around and re-entering Atlanta traffic gridlock and not staying to help her get our three boys to bed. Rather than digging myself further in to the doghouse I turned to one