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Wes Moss: 12 Lessons I learned from Donald Trump

5:58 am Aug. 17, 2015

I’ve already written about Donald Trump once this year…part of it had to do with his initial splash as a potential GOP Presidential nominee. The rest of it centered on how the stock market reacts

Wes Moss: P & G offers investing insight

6:28 am Aug. 3, 2015

What’s your first reflex if your hand accidentally touches a hot stove? Most likely, your hand recoils quickly in hopes that you won’t feel severe pain.

Now let’s make a stock market comparison. What’s your first reflex when the 24-hour news cycle tells you that the sky is falling and that changing politics, war, terrorism and disease will soon be knocking at your door? The reaction is probably the same as

Wes Moss: Average American holds more debt than Greece

8:19 am Jul. 27, 2015

With Greece grabbing headlines yet again over the past few weeks, I thought it worthwhile to put their debt debacle into perspective for the American consumer. Although there is very little practicality in comparing the finances of a country to the finances of an average individual, I think a rough comparison may help some of you put your own debt loads into perspective.

Greece owes their creditors 323 billion euros. While

Wes Moss

Wes Moss: The Easiest Budgeting Program Ever Created: T.S.L.

6:09 am Jul. 20, 2015

I recently read a study from the Federal Reserve Board that was released in May that said in 2014, “Forty-seven percent of respondents say they either could not cover an emergency expense costing $400, or would cover it by selling something or borrowing money.”

That’s almost half the people surveyed that clearly didn’t have at least $400 tucked into an emergency savings account! I consider having an emergency savings with cash

Instacart offers part-time positions

11:28 am Jul. 15, 2015

Instacart, the grocery delivery service that launched one year ago in Atlanta, has announced that it will offering permanent gigs to its personal shoppers.

Instacart users know that personal shoppers are the individuals who actually pick

Wes Moss

Wes Moss: Investing in tumultuous times

10:20 am Jul. 13, 2015

Last week was one of the more unsettling weeks in a long time for investors. The Chinese stock market hit bear market territory, the Greek debt saga continued to confound the world, and to top it off the largest stock exchange in the U.S. was completely shut down for almost four hours on Wednesday.

With all of these headlines rattling the market, I believe that now is a good time to

Wes Moss: The right college major can make you $3.4 million more in a lifetime

5:52 am Jul. 6, 2015

The other day I was playing The Game of Life with my kids again, and I realized exactly how inspiring this game is for kids.

While we were playing my youngest son turned to me and said, “I want to be a doctor when I grow up.” When I asked why he told me it’s because they have the highest salary in the game.

I’m sure once my son gets older he’ll

Money lessons (and mistakes) for millennials

11:33 am Jun. 9, 2015

Thousands of college graduates are celebrating their accomplishments this summer and for many of them, the realities of life are just beginning.

Whether they find themselves saddled with debt from student loans or flush with cash