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Is ironing a chore of the past?

6:35 am Oct. 13, 2015

According to some studies, 25 percent of consumers only iron if there is no other choice for removing wrinkles from their clothing. If you’re like me and you prefer cotton over blends, you may just

Mattresses by mail for sleepless shoppers

6:10 am Oct. 6, 2015

Mattress shopping can be a painful experience, which could explain why some consumers would rather spend decades sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress than shop for a new one.

Maybe you have gone to Labor Day or

Amazon offering home services in metro Atlanta

3:36 pm Jul. 23, 2015

Amazon has expanded Amazon Home Service to the Atlanta metro area offering customers the chance to find and purchase custom and pre-packaged home services.

You can use text messages and photos to submit a request for

Clark Howard: Furniture benefits from 3-D printers

10:04 am May. 28, 2015

The Internet offers all kinds of ways to do things better, cheaper, faster. Now that promise is coming to the staid furniture industry

I’m very familiar with the furniture business. I had a relative who was a longtime member of the industry, and I saw how all the showrooms worked. Furniture was made in bulk, shipped, and stored in warehouses. The individual stores would stock what they hoped customers would want.