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What to buy in September

6:13 am Sep. 1, 2015

Bargain hunters have a lot to look forward to in September with Labor Day, the end of summer and back-to-school.

Kick-off the shopping with Labor Day sales which traditionally include deals on large appliances, according to

Clark Howard: Find a good car repair shop

11:32 am Aug. 27, 2015

All over America, people complain about the conditions of their roads. These poorly maintained roads are taking a real toll on our finances. Transportation research group TRIP reports the average driver spent $516 on repairs

What to know before you try crowdfunding

1:02 pm Aug. 20, 2015

In just a few days, Michael and Whitney Lash, the Atlanta couple who suffered a home invasion on Sunday, became the beneficiaries of more than $80,000 in aid from family, friends and strangers. The money

Clark Howard: The best and worst home insurers

10:37 am Aug. 13, 2015

A new ranking of home insurance companies shows that just focusing on premiums isn’t necessarily the smartest idea.

A July update of Consumer Reports names the best and worst home insurers in the business. Now, keep