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Walmart launches grocery pick up service

12:12 pm Sep. 29, 2015

The latest news in convenience grocery shopping is Walmart’s announcement that they will bring grocery pickup service to several Atlanta-based stores next month.

Pick-up service is not available until on or after October 13, but starting

What to buy in October: Tablets, cruises and costumes

6:17 am Sep. 29, 2015

Holiday creep is still a trend, and in October, you are likely to see some early opportunities for holiday shopping depending on your gift list.

The early Apple releases mean competitive pricing for technology will come

Clark Howard: Find tablet options for $20

6:25 am Sep. 24, 2015

If you’re looking for a cheap tablet, you’re in luck.

Several years ago, I made a prediction early in that year that tablets would be sold for $99 or less by Christmas. Keep in mind that

Home canning tips from makers of Ball brand jars

1:09 pm Sep. 23, 2015

Ball brand mason jars have become a decorating staple used as vases, centerpieces, drinking glasses and more, but the true purpose of the 100-year-old brand is for home canning.

This year, Jarden Home Brands (the parent

Smart dolls for smarter play

5:50 am Sep. 8, 2015

Trolls, those short, pudgy, wide-nosed, wild-haired dolls, were one of the biggest fads in the 1960s, but when they were revamped in 2005 for a new generation, they were barely recognizable. The new Trollz, five