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Wes Moss: The right college major can make you $3.4 million more in a lifetime

5:52 am Jul. 6, 2015

The other day I was playing The Game of Life with my kids again, and I realized exactly how inspiring this game is for kids.

While we were playing my youngest son turned to me and said, “I want to be a doctor when I grow up.” When I asked why he told me it’s because they have the highest salary in the game.

I’m sure once my son gets older he’ll

Wes Moss: The cost of July 4th

10:17 am Jun. 29, 2015

Last year I wrote an article for about the cost of celebrating July 4. The ever-increasing price of gas at this time last year was a crushing blow to most American families, especially

Wes Moss: Donald Trump for President

6:37 am Jun. 22, 2015

Donald Trump is finally officially running for President. He’s an action oriented guy and has been hinting at doing so forever, so it’s about time. He is clearly very popular having been the most Googled

Wes Moss

Wes Moss: How to retire at 50

8:33 am Jun. 8, 2015

Over my career as a financial advisor and radio show host I’ve talked with many people who are late into their 60s or even 70s and still working. So when I wrote my book, You Can Retire Sooner Than You Think, I felt the need to educate people about the possibility of retiring in their late 50s or early 60s. Ever since my book was published last spring, though,

Wes Moss: US Labor Dept. setting new rules for retirement accounts

5:50 am Jun. 1, 2015

There’s a blood in the water right now for the financial industry, and it’s because investors often don’t understand how they’re paying for investment advice.

The United States Department of Labor is proposing a new guideline for retirement investments referred to as the Fiduciary Rule. The rule would require financial industry professionals working with clients investing in retirement accounts, including 401ks and IRAs, to act strictly in the best interest of

Wes Moss: Facebook FOMO (fear of missing out)

10:33 am May. 25, 2015

The Twenty-First Century has been rough on investors. In 2000 we saw the dot-com bubble burst, and in 2008 we saw the bottom drop out of the U.S. stock market when the financial crisis was in full swing. Both of these events reminded investors just how difficult markets can be, and moved scores of investors from greedy to cautious. Greed never disappears for long, though, and I’m starting to see

Wes Moss: Boomers’ retirement perceptions don’t equal reality

6:22 am May. 18, 2015

Last month, I read a study released by the Insured Retirement Institute (IRI) which surveyed 803 Americans aged 52 to 68 (Baby Boomers) on their expectations for retirement. I was shocked to read that the overall “economic satisfaction” for Boomers has dropped to a five year low of 48 percent. I’m assuming that the economic satisfaction they refer to in the survey equates to a financial “comfort zone,” i.e.

Wes Moss

Wes Moss: Covering the cost of college

6:23 am May. 11, 2015

With the astronomical price of college these days, it’s easy for families to feel overwhelmed.

I recently wrote about why I think paying for college is still a wonderful investment for most people, but I’ve not written about how to make it more financially feasible for families.

Since there are so many nitty-gritty details when it comes to financing college, I reached out to Terry Wilfong, an expert in this field. He

Wes Moss

Wes Moss: Talk about money before the wedding

5:48 am Apr. 13, 2015

Weddings are a wonderful (and fun) cornerstone of our American culture. However, since I was married more than a decade ago, it seems like the cost continues to rise.

Weddings are increasingly becoming more complex and expensive. Couples are hiring photographers with drones to capture unique overhead shots of the ceremony. Brides now purchase as many as three dresses: one for the ceremony, one for the reception and one for the