3 tips to better skin from Dermalogica

What is the number one concern women have about their skin? It’s a tie between oily skin and aging, says Annet King, Director of Global Education for Dermalogica.

The Dermalogica skin care brand was launched in the mid-1980s after founder, Jane Wurwand added products to her business that focused on training and research for aestheticians. It has since become known as a premiere skin care brand, but the emphasis on education has remained.

At the Dermalogica store in Atlantic Station, one of two hybrid institutes ( the other one is in Arizona), customers learn to manage and treat their skin in the retail portion of the store, while industry professionals may be learning the latest techniques on skin care in the training space.

According to King, 90 percent of people do not understand their skin type, which is understandable considering that it can be a moving target. “We are all multiple things all the time,” says King. When you are self-selecting products, you can’t make the best choice without understanding your skin, she said.

At Dermalogica, face mapping helps you figure out what your skin is all about. By analyzing 14 zones on your face and combining Eastern and Western methods, the staff helps you figure out what is best for your skin. They walk you through the steps, show you how much product to use and allow you to do it yourself so that you can duplicate the results at home.

Even those who have neglected their skin in the past can make big changes with the correct routine. Here are a few things King says anyone can do right now to improve their skin care routine:

Add a potent product to your regimen. Maybe it’s a serum or a retinol creme. If you buy it in a department store, ask how the product is delivered into your skin. Delivery, says King, is just as important as the ingredients. Yes, you can expect to pay a little more for these products, but more concentrated products can offer better results.


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Learn how to wash your face. Most of us are washing our faces the wrong way, King says. Makeup and sunscreen are designed to stay on your face and when you add pollution, sweat and dead skin cells, by the end of the day, your skin is being smothered. Dermalogica pre-cleanse is one of the hero products that helps dissolve everything on the face when you emulsify it with water. Follow it with a traditional cleanser.

Exfoliate. We don’t think of exfoliating as an important step in a skin care regiment but it is necessary, King says. You should aim for 2-3 times a week with a physical or leave on exfoliant. Most on the market today are non-irritating and there are a range of options even for the most sensitive skins.

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