Simple Savings for ATL Moms: 3 places to donate coupon purchases

This is a guest post from Quida Davis at Simple Savings for ATL Moms which offers tips on shopping, saving and couponing. Check back for more of her tips.

As an extreme couponer, there are many opportunities for getting products, but you may have too much of a good thing. If you find that you have an over-abundance of items purchased with coupons or too many coupons themselves, there are many great places to donate items that you buy right in our own communities. Below are three places to consider donating any stockpiled items:


If you have local animal, homeless or domestic violence shelters, consider contacting them to find out exactly what they need. Be sure to check your stockpile items first. Most shelters are in need of toothpaste, personal care items, bottled waters, clothing, baby clothing, pet toys, etc. Most couponers have plenty of these items already in their home stockpiles.

Food Pantries

One of the best things about food pantries is that they can always use food, both nonperishable and canned foods. Consider contacting your local food pantries especially those that feed the community weekly to see what items you can consider donating.

Senior Citizen Home Care Centers

It is great time to donate to your local senior citizen home centers. They could always use diapers for the elderly, towels, personal care items and even volunteer time. Be sure to visit or call some of your local care centers to discuss what specific items they may need.

Quida can find a coupon for almost anything and she often surprises cashiers when she checks out. For more tips on saving and couponing, visit Quida at  Simple Savings for ATL Moms. Connect and interact with her on Twitter Facebook, and Instagram.


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