Clark Howard: Don’t bet on getting rich from fantasy football

I love NFL football. But what’s even hotter right now than the NFL or college football is fantasy football.

Two of the big players called DraftKings and FanDuel made news over the off-season when Wall Street gave them additional funding to grow their businesses.

A buddy of mine has three fantasy teams going simultaneously. Yet when I see him during the season, it’s like he’s not really there; he spends all his time texting people on these fantasy football texting groups talking about what’s going on in their world.

So clearly people love fantasy football. But don’t be fooled into heavily gambling, because you’re up against the sharks who do fantasy football as a full-time profession, according to Bloomberg.

If you do this as a side thing, know you’ll lose money over time — even if you get lucky every once in a while. It’s kind of like Vegas; the house always wins!

When you want to go to a real sporting event, one of the safest resale market players is There are many sellers of secondhand tickets out there, but they’ve done the best job in the industry of protecting you from being cheated.

StubHub did something a few years ago that I praised. They went to “all-in” pricing where they showed you to the true price of a ticket, including all the fees.

But now they’ve reversed that policy, because when you’re looking at prices on the Internet, people tend to only look at headline prices. That’s what lures them in to click, even if the real price is higher when you add in the fees.

So know that the only price that matters is the all-in price. Not the fake price you’ll now see advertised on StubHub and elsewhere!

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Clark Howard

Clark Howard

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