Home canning tips from makers of Ball brand jars

Ball brand mason jars have become a decorating staple used as vases, centerpieces, drinking glasses and more, but the true purpose of the 100-year-old brand is for home canning.

This year, Jarden Home Brands (the parent company of Ball) released the largest update of the Ball Blue Book, a guide to preserving for beginners and veterans to home canning. So get ready to turn all those apples into apple jelly and apple preserves.

The 37th Edition of the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving is more than twice the size of last year’s guide and features 75 new recipes.


Step-by-step visuals help beginners understand the basics of canning before getting started while pros will enjoy finding new recipes in addition to classics. A new section on Meal Creations gives suggestions on how to include your canned foods into family meals.

The guide is divided into sections depending on the type of food you are preserving and there is a full section on how to use other processes such as freezing or dehydrating to preserve foods.

A planning and measuring guide helps you identify which foods are in season in your region and the problem solver pages help you troubleshoot everything from rust appearing on the underside of the metal lid ( the coating on the underside of the lid is scratched) to white crystals in your canned spinach (Not to worry, that’s calcium and oxalic acid in spinach combining to form calcium oxalate. It’s harmless.)

For more information about Ball brand jars, recipes or to purchase a copy of the Ball Blue Book Guide to Preserving ($11.95) visit www.freshpreservingstore.com.

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