Coupon Mom: BOGO, breakfast deals, personal care


Heinz: When you buy Heinz ketchup (38 ounce) at Target, you will get a free 14-ounce bottle of Heinz mustard. Use the $1-off coupon for both items from the Aug. 23 RedPlum to save more. See store for specific ketchup prices.


Breakfast deals

General Mills, Snuggle: Walgreens has selected General Mills cereals (9.6-13 ounce) on sale for $1.99. Use the $1-off-three coupon from the Aug. 2 SmartSource to pay $1.66 per box. Snuggle fabric softener (32 loads or 70 or 80 sheets) is on sale “buy one, get one free.” Use the $2-off-two coupon from the Aug. 2 RedPlum to save more than 50 percent (see specific prices in store).

Kellogg’s, Pop Tarts, Bounty: Rite Aid has selected Kellogg’s cereals and Pop Tarts (eight count) on sale for $1.97 each. Use the $1-off-three coupons for cereal or Pop Tarts from the Aug. 30 RedPlum to pay $1.64 per box. Single rolls of Bounty Basic paper towels are on sale for $1 each when you buy three. Use three of the 50-cent Bounty Basic coupons from the Aug. 30 Procter & Gamble circular to pay 50 cents each.

Publix personal care

Stayfree, Wrigley’s: Publix has Stayfree Ultra-Thin or Maxi pads (14-28 count) on sale for $1.99 each. Use the $1-off coupon from the Aug. 23 SmartSource to pay 99 cents each. Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit gum (15 count) is on sale for 89 cents. Use the 50-cents-off-two coupon from the June 7 RedPlum to pay 39 cents each.

Sundown, Metamucil, Maybelline: Look in stores for the Publix coupon flier titled “Over $24 in Coupon Savings” to find store coupons that you can combine with manufacturers coupons from the AJC. Use the $5-off-two Publix coupon for Sundown vitamins along with two of the $1-off-one coupons from the Aug. 2 RedPlum, saving $3.50 each. The store coupon applies to all Sundown varieties priced at $3.59 or higher, so you could get the least expensive variety for only 9 cents each. See stores for specific varieties and prices. Combine the $3 Metamucil store coupon with the $1 Metamucil coupon from the Aug. 30 P&G circular to save $4 off 72-180 dose sizes. Combine the $1 Maybelline product store coupon with the $1 Maybelline mascara coupon from the Aug. 30 RedPlum to save $2 on any Maybelline mascara or use the $2 Maybelline face product coupon from the same RedPlum circular to save $3 on any New York face product.

Stephanie Nelson, The Coupon Mom, has been teaching Georgia shoppers how to save since 2000.

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