Labor Day: What not to buy during Labor Day sales

If you plan on shopping during Labor Day weekend, it may seem like everything is on sale. There will be a lot of noise out there — both in stores and online — but don’t let yourself get caught up. Some deals are worth it and others are just duds.

Here, the deal hunters from offer a few suggestions on what to buy and what to avoid to maximize your dollars during Labor Day sales this year:

Don’t buy gas grills. You will see discounts of 25 – 50 percent off but Labor Day is just the beginning. Prices will continue to drop well into October and November according to retail trends — so purchasing after Labor Day could save you and additional 25 percent off the sale price. Instead of grills, shop for items in other outdoor categories such as patio furniture, lawnmowers and above ground pools at up to 75 percent off the regular price.


Avoid Fall apparel. During Labor Day weekend retailers promote clothing for cooler weather but they are only offering modest discounts of between 10 – 30 percent. By November, many of those discounts will reach 50 percent and higher. This weekend, spend your time shopping for summer apparel, swimwear and footwear. Discounts will be as much as 80 percent off at stores like Gap, Old Navy, American Eagle, Nordstrom and more.

Skip TVs and electronics. November is the best time to buy televisions from early in the month through Black Friday. Also avoid home theater systems, digital cameras, smartphones, tablets and more. Instead, check out back-to-school sales for affordable laptops, calculators, headphones, Bluetooth speakers and backpacks with laptop slots.

No toys for kids. Even though holiday shopping has moved up earlier and earlier each year, toy sales are not tops during Labor Day. Look for toy sales in late October though mid-December from retailers like Amazon, Target, Wal-Mart. On the other hand, items for adults will be in great supply, specifically mattresses, cars and wine. Mattress sales during Labor Day last year were better than at any other time with discounts of 50 – 60 percent off. Cars from 2015 may have 10 percent discounts but they will increase later in the fall. Wine drinkers may find discounts on older stock as new vintages come out during harvest season.

Don’t invest in holiday travel. There will be plenty of travel promotions during Labor Day weekend, but the best time to book your holiday travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas is generally between Oct 5 – 15. Prices should be 5 to 10 percent lower during that time period, then will increase around mid-October.

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