Back to School: Fashion trends from Von Maur

Most kids are back in school, but at departments stores, some of the best back-to-school looks for girls and boys are just hitting the floor.

Von Maur, the Iowa based department store chain, offers a range of trendy styles for students, says Tricia Moeller, store manager at the location in Perimeter Mall. Von Maur arrived in Atlanta in 2011 with a store at North Point Mall. The Perimeter Mall store followed and there are plans to open a third location at Mall of Georgia in the Fall of 2016 (in the old Nordstrom space.)

Here Moeller offers a few trends for boys and girls headed back-to-school:

Graphic Tees: T-shirts with witty phrases are still a big winner with boys and girls, Moeller says. Some of her favorite options are t-shirts for girls that say “I have absolutely no desire to fit in.” For young men, a shirt with “They see me rolling” above the image of a doughnut has been a popular choice, she says. “Graphic tees have been pretty consistently popular, particular for young men, but there are more options in young girls than I have seen in the past,” says Moeller.

New school_graphic tees

Twist on the basics: One of the big trends this season is the edgy twist on basics. Basic leggings for girls take an edgy turn when they are patterned instead of plain. Look for geometrical shapes and pair the standout leggings with faux leather, Moeller says.

Athleisure: The trend which has dominated women’s fashion in recent years is trickling down as girls pair dressy items of clothing with something more casual. It is also a trend with boys who pair graphic tees with athletic pants as pictured.


Plaid: Plaid never goes out of style and this season it is a big trend for boys and girls, Moeller says. Look for the pattern on shirts, jackets, shoes and other popular clothing items. Colors range from neutrals to rich fall tones.

Hoodies: For boys, anything with a hood is going to become a go-to item, Moeller says. And hoodies make the perfect transitional piece to get from end of summer to early winter.

70s vibe: Girls are looking to the past for fashion’s future but sporting these retro looks requires care. Avoid anything too matchy-matchy, says Moeller. One retro item here or there instead of head-to-toe helps the wearer avoid looking like she is wearing a costume.

girls 1 _ boho fringe

Layering: “It’s all about finding the right layering pieces to transition into the next phase especially with our weather here where it can be chilly in the morning.” Moeller says. Layering is a money-saver when it comes to clothing. Fortunately, girls and boys have jumped on to the trend. While almost anything goes, there is some art to layering, Moeller says. “I like the hoodies with graphic tees underneath. Some people do long sleeves under t-shirts.” Graphic t-shirts, long-sleeved jean jackets, utility jackets, hoodies and more can all become part of the layering arsenal.

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