Amazon Prime Day duds instead of deals

Amazon Prime Day is just past the halfway mark and so far angry consumers say it has been a big disappointment.

Prime Day, touted as a bigger than Black Friday day full of deals for Amazon Prime members, was supposed to feature comparable Black Friday discounts on everything from HDTVs to books.


Bose headphones, an Amazon Prime Deal of the Day, cost $79.99 (47% off regular price).

And while Amazon’s preview of deals showed some promising savings, when anxious shoppers logged on, they found a bunch of duds — Sharpies, granny panties, Tupperware, squeegees and candy instead of electronics like 40-inch TVs and digital cameras at better than Black Friday prices.

Twitter response to #PrimeDay (naturally a top trending topic) seems to be engaging more would be shoppers than the sale itself.

Shoppers trashed products like knee braces and called the event to a giant virtual yard sale. For the majority of commenters, Prime Day has thus far been a total #fail. Even one shopper who scored a TV deal, wondered if she really got a deal or just got sucked up in an impulse buy.

Part of the problem is the good stuff is available in limited quantities and sells out quickly. The other issue is you don’t know when the best deals are actually going to appear. Which kind of makes the whole experience… just like Black Friday (or a Target designer collaboration gone bad) but we’ll see how the remainder of the day goes.

I found what I wanted on a different website for $20 less than I would have paid for the Prime Day sale, using a coupon code, and that was with $10 of shipping added to my order! So it pays to comparison shop, and not just hang around Amazon all day looking for deals.

Check out other websites for the products you want, and check out other retailers offering sales today.

While Wal-Mart may not be getting the same mileage out of their rival sale,  I can’t help but picture company execs giggling as they watch Amazon shoppers trash PrimeDay. Walmart Rollbacks currently feature items like a 55 -inch RCA for $400 ($5 more than the lowest Black Friday price), 50% off a Stanley tool set, and 50% off RCA tablets.

And Wal-mart isn’t the only retailer hoping to take advantage of the Amazon hype. announced a surprise one-day only sale and free shipping all day.

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