Affordable spring refreshes at Ikea

When spring arrives, we are itching to get outside, but it is also important to bring a little of the outdoors inside.

Ikea Atlanta has a range of options to help you prep your home for the warmer months without spending a lot of money, says Deidra Cunningham, spokeswoman for Ikea Atlanta. “When you think about the weather becoming nicer, you think about going outdoors more, and you want your home to reflect those changes,” she says. “When customers come to Ikea, we try to improve the small things.”

Ikea Atlanta has been serving the metro area for almost 10 years, and each month more than a dozen new seasonally driven items arrive in the store. Many items are eco-friendly in keeping with the company’s commitment to sustainability, Cunningham says.

Here are some of the ways Cunningham suggests refreshing your home for spring:

Solar lighting: Ikea’s solar-powered lamps can be used to bring the sunshine in. In the evening, use them to light the dining table or in children’s rooms as a night-light. The Solvinden LED solar-powered floor lamp comes in a pear or apple shape and costs $19.99.


Bright textiles: Bathrooms are the workhorses of a home, but they often go neglected. “It is the last room you think to take care of,” Cunningham says. Give yours a springtime lift with brightly colored textiles. Mix stripes and solids and use multicolored patterns for towels, bathmats and shower curtains. The colors will also give you an energizing boost in the morning. Select Ikea bath textiles range from $2.99 (washcloths) to $7.99 (shower curtains). In addition, add an outdoorsy feel to your bedroom by changing out your bed linens with items like the floral patterned Strandkrypa duvet cover and pillowcases for $19.99.


Go green: “Spring is a season of new life and we love the smell of fresh flowers inside,” Cunningham says. Substitute any artificial plants for the real thing such as orchids ($9.99) or a variety of potted plants ($2.99) arranged in a white Ikea PS 2014 indoor/outdoor greenhouse ($29.99).

Get outdoors: Your backyard or patio is also part of your home. Get it spring ready with the right garden tools — the Gräsmarö three-piece tool set ($2.99) and the Socker watering can ($9.99) will help you get started with planting and pruning.

You will also want to make sure you are ready for outdoor gatherings. The Äpplarö drop-leaf table, $129, and chairs, $45 each, are a flexible option. The drop-leaves can be folded and removed until more space is needed. Add accessories like the Solig Net ($24.99) for protection from bugs and the Solarvet solar LED lighting chains ($12.99) with decorations ($5.99) and you’ll have a soiree-ready setup.

Clean the kitchen: Sektion is Ikea’s new kitchen system designed to help customers create their dream kitchen. The modular setup offers endless ways for you to configure your kitchen, and cabinets and drawers are designed so that you are able to maximize space. If you’re not in the market for a whole new kitchen, Cunningham says, just go for accessories such as drawer inserts that will help you keep everything organized.

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