Publix and Trader Joe’s best supermarkets in Atlanta

The results of the Consumer Reports Annual Supermarket survey are in and surprise, surprise — Publix and Trader Joe’s got top ranking for metro-area markets.

Photo: Levi Brown

Photo: Levi Brown

The highest ranked grocery store in America is Wegeman’s , which sadly, does not have a location south of Virginia.

This year, the primary concern of shoppers is freshness, but only three of the 68 chains in the survey scored highest for produce freshness: Wegeman’s, The Fresh Market and Whole Foods Market.

Here are the top five grocery stores in the metro area according to CR rankings:

  1. Publix (87)
  2. Trader Joe’s (87)
  3. Costco (84)
  4. Sprouts Farmers Market (83)
  5. The Fresh Market (83)

Wondering why you don’t see Whole Foods in the top five? They got majorly dinged on price. And Kroger just scored pretty average across the board.

Still, even the highest ranked stores have their issues.

Publix scored highest overall but got average ratings on price and below average ratings on local product quantity.

Trader Joe’s was below average on local product quantity and produce variety.

Costco got below average ratings on service, local product quantity and product variety.

Fresh Market came in below average on price.

Sprouts Farmers Market, which arrived in the metro-area last year, is the only store among the top five with no below average ratings. The chain will open its sixth metro-area location in Smyrna on June 10.

As always, this is a polarizing topic. People love their grocery stores, but the rankings/ratings have spoken.

For more information on this year’s results pick up a copy of the May 2015 Consumer Reports Magazine or click here.

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