Georgians investing in tummy tucks and residential construction

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Spring is makeover madness time.

Everywhere I turn, I see offers and invitations to makeover my mind, my home, my body, etc. Mostly, I’ve been ignoring them, but I’m always entertained by what other people are reportedly doing.

Not long ago, a survey on   gave state-by-state rankings of plastic surgery searches.

First, you may be surprised to know Atlanta outranks Los Angeles in overall interest in plastic surgery. And the state of Georgia was number one in its interest in tummy tucks.

Georgia ranked second in searched for Brazilian Butt Lifts. Hmmm.

And finally, we are the third highest state searching for information on liposuction (after New York and California).

Draw your own conclusions from this information.

At the other end of the spectrum is data from listing the top home improvement projects in the state of Georgia. Here are the top three home improvements Georgians are investing in right now:

  1. residential construction
  2. electrical services
  3. lawn treatment

I’m not sure what all of this means, but it interesting to see how people are spending their money.

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