3 easy ways to start couponing now

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This is a guest post from Quida Davis of Simple Savings for ATL Moms who offers tips on shopping, saving and couponing. Check back each week for more of her tips!

When I was 12 years old, and my mother was teaching me how to use coupons, I used to feel that the process was a little hard.

As I got older and used coupons more and more, I made sure that I continued with the methods that she had taught me. Starting to use coupons may be a little challenging for some, but it can be fun when you coupon with friends or get really good at finding deals. If you have wondered how to start couponing, here are 3 Easy Ways to start Couponing now:

Get your Sunday Newspaper

There is a 2015 Coupon Insert Schedule that will guide you in knowing which editions will have coupon inserts. Be sure to visit my blog and check out this schedule. Once you get your coupon inserts, turn the inserts to the side to view the dates. You can write the date on the front cover of the insert for an easy find. The Sunday newspaper may have either a Redplum, Smartsource or Procter and Gamble insert inside (P&G). The P&Gs usually come out just once a month and the last Sunday of the month.

Get your Grocery Store Sales Ad

Try to match the products that are on sale with the coupons that you have. You can also visit coupons.com for printable coupons. You will need a printer. If you see a coupon on their website, you can choose to print it twice. You can also visit credible coupon sites like Redplum.com and Smartsource.com.  If you see a coupon that you want, be sure to print it. It may not be there the next time you visit the site.

Go to the Store

When you go to the grocery store, try to have all the coupons for the products that you will use in an organized form. This will help you focus on exactly what you need to purchase. Create a grocery shopping list and list the coupon you have right next to it. You can also place a number indicating how many items of that product you need.  Try not to get distracted from other items in the store unless you have a coupon and it is on sale.

Quida can find a coupon for almost anything and she often surprises cashiers when she checks out. For more tips on saving and couponing, visit Quida at  Simple Savings for ATL Moms. Connect and interact with her on Twitter Facebook, and Instagram.


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