How to change up your coupon strategy for the holidays

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This is a guest post from Quida Davis of Simple Savings for ATL Moms who offers tips on shopping, saving and couponing. Check back each week for more of her tips!

When we think about the holidays, we can get caught up in all the sales and forget about additional savings that we can use to decrease our costs out of pocket!

I love using coupons and they are my saving resource during the holidays.

Here are some simple saving and couponing strategies that you could use to help you during the holidays and to locate coupons:

Save on the Turkey: Butterball recently issued a coupon that you can use to decrease your costs out of pocket. Go to or locate your 11|9|14 coupon insert for the Save $3.00 when you buy any three participating Betty Crocker, Green Giant or Pillsbury items. Tip: Keep your grocery receipt and send in for a rebate of five $1 Butterball Coupons by mail.

Expand your search: Search Coupon Databases like, or if you don’t usually keep coupon inserts from the Sunday Newspaper. Look for coupons that you normally use during the holidays. Find sales on these items by looking in your current grocery store flyer ad. Connect those coupons with the sales and now you have an even better holiday deal.

Get a competitive advantage: Go to and go to the Food Category section for the Save $5 per $15 Meat coupon. If your Publix store accepts this competitor, you can use it to help reduce the cost of meat that you would like to serve during the holidays including turkey. If you have any meat manufacturer coupons, you can stack those with this competitor coupon.

For more tips on saving and couponing, visit Quida at  Simple Savings for ATL Moms . Connect and interact with her on Twitter , Facebook, and Instagram.

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