Clark Howard: Stream movies for free at the library

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Your local library wants to compete with your Netflix subscription. Here’s how to get free streaming movies and TV shows without paying a penny.

Recently, I had two people upset with me after talking about Kindle Paperwhite, a book-reading device that has a street price of $119. You can borrow books from other Amazon readers when you have the Paperwhite, and they asked why I didn’t mention borrowing e-books for free from local libraries. Check with your local library to see how you can do e-book lending. (As a general rule, any book that is out of copyright, such as the classics, will also be free through Google Books or Amazon.)

The idea of e-book lending is convenient for you and great for libraries because they need less inventory on hand. You typically get to keep the e-book on your device for 21 days before it gets automatically “returned” to your library.

Now I read a Denver Post story that says you can stream movies for free at a number of library systems across the country. Check with yours to find out about how the streaming arrangement works.

One of the big providers is, which was built specifically with the library market in mind. The free service offers 200,000 movies, TV shows, CDs and audio books.

Other services that might be teaming up with your local library include and

Again, you’ve got to check with your local library to see which, if any, of these programs they’re participating with. Remember, the movies are free to stream. There is no additional cost because your tax dollars are already paying to support your local library system.

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