What to buy in November

November is a deal lover’s dream. Many shoppers are busy plotting their approach to nabbing doorbusters on Black Friday, but the reality is, there are great deals all month long.

Though the deals may not reach doorbuster price points, there are some tricks you can use to get a doorbuster-like deal well in advance.

This year, as in previous years, Black Friday has spread across the entire month, said Brent Shelton, FatWallet Online Shopping Expert. “You will see consistent sales and, if you have a list and definite things you want to buy, it is worth paying attention.”

One thing shoppers should take advantage of, whenever they choose to shop this month, is stacking discounts. Use holiday incentives like price matching to increase your savings, Shelton said.

For example, if a retailer has a toy that you want, but you have a loyalty card or credit card with another retailer that also stocks the item, go to your preferred retailer and ask for a price match. Then, use your store credit card for an additional percent discount or get loyalty rewards. This is a good strategy for things that may sell out as the shopping season continues or items not likely to be among the Black Friday doorbusters, Shelton said.

In early November, you also should shop the Halloween clearance sales. You can get deals on decorations and costumes, as well as Halloween candy. Shop in-store and online (even a few days before Nov. 1) for deep discounts. If you shop online, keep shipping costs low and use cash-back deals like the ones at fatwallet.com or ebates.com.

Traditionally, it is best to wait a bit to buy toys, but now through the first week of November you can find early toy sales, Shelton said. Retailers are looking to create a buzz around the popular toys, and that may come in the form of low prices. Look for sales on the specific toys on your list now, before prices jump up later in the month.

Tablets will be a hot buy all month long, since this year most tablet makers have new releases. Get a good price now on the previous generation models or, if you want the newest version, wait until Black Friday shopping week, when you are likely to see store gift cards offered with the purchase of a new tablet, Shelton said.

November also brings traditional friends-and-family discounts and sales. Look for deals on cookware, tableware, blankets and bedding, and other items to get your home ready for holiday entertaining.

If you’re not a club or loyalty member at the stores you love, November is a good month to join. You may get sneak peeks at Black Friday deals or get early access to doorbusters before the public, both in-store and online.

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